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Templestay – Mihwangsa Temple (Haenam, Jeollanam-do)

The Daeungbo-jeon Hall at Mihwangsa Temple in Haenam, Jeollanam-do.

Introduction to Temple

Mihwangsa Temple, which means “Beautiful Yellow Temple” in English, is located in Haenam, Jeollanam-do. According to a temple myth from the Samguk Yusa, Mihwangsa Temple was first founded in 749 A.D. The temple is located to the west of Mt. Dalmasan (489 m), and it’s the southernmost temple on the Korean Peninsula. As a result, Mihwangsa Temple enjoys beautiful views of the South Sea off in the distance.

During the Goryeo Dynasty (918-1392), officials and scholars from China’s Song Dynasty (960-1279) visited the temple between 1264 to 1294. Also at this time, there were twelve hermitages that were directly associated with Mihwangsa Temple on Mt. Dalmasan. During the Imjin War (1592-1598), Mihwangsa Temple was destroyed by the invading Japanese. The temple would quickly be rebuilt in 1598, starting with the Daeungbo-jeon Hall. The main hall was later repaired in 1754. In total, Mihwangsa Temple is home to some four Korean Treasures that include the Daeungbo-jeon Hall.

As for the Templestay program at Mihwangsa Temple, which is known as the Mihwangsa Healing Templestay Program, it focuses on fully immersing yourself in Korean Buddhism that includes multiple Yebul ceremonies, a tea ceremony, meditation, and the environ that surrounds Mihwangsa Temple over a two day experience.

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You can get to Mihwangsa Temple from the Haenam Intercity Bus Terminal. From here, you’ll need to catch a bus that heads to Wando. This bus leaves every ten to sixty minutes, depending on the time of the day. The first bus leaves at 5:50 a.m., and these buses run throughout the day until 9:10 p.m. You’ll need to get off at the Weolsong-ri stop. The bus ride should last about sixty minutes. From here, you’ll need to either grab a taxi for the remaining ten minute drive to get to the temple.

Templestay Program

Mihwangsa Temple offers one Templestay program at their temple. It’s entitled the Mihwangsa Healing Templestay Program, which is a one night two day program. Here is their program:

A: Mihwangsa Healing Templestay
15:00-16:00Registration and Room Assignment
18:30-19:30Temple Tour & Sunset View
19:30-20:00Cham-Seon (Seon Meditation)
20:00-21:00Da-Seon (Tea Ceremony)
22:00-05:00Good Night!
05:00-05:20Good Morning!
05:20-05:30Cham-Seon (Seon Meditation)
05:30-06:00Yebul (Ceremony)
07:30-08:00Walking in the Forest
08:00-08:30Ullyeok (Communal Work)
10:00-11:00Yebul (Ceremony)

(This schedule is subject to change)

The Templestay facilities at Mihwangsa Temple. (Picture courtesy of the Templestay website).
And some more of the temple facilities. (Picture courtesy of the Templestay website).

Temple Information

Address: 164 Mihwangsa-gil, Songji-myeon, Haenam-gun, Jeollanam-do

Tel: 061-533-3521



Mihwangsa Healing Templestay Program – adults – 80,000 won; students – 70,000 won; pre-schoolers – 50,000 won

*The cancellation policy at Mihwangsa Temple is that 1 day before your arrival date, you’ll only get a 50% refund.


Reservations for the Mihwangsa Healing Templestay Program

The beautiful view at Mihwangsa Temple.

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