Jeollabuk-do,  Templestay

Templestay – Seonunsa Temple (Gochang, Jeollabuk-do)

Seonunsa Temple in Gochang, Jeollabuk-do.

Introduction to Temple

Seonunsa Temple, which is located in Gochang, Jeollabuk-do, means “Seon [Zen] Cloud Temple” in English. The name of the temple implies how profound wisdom is found by staying in the clouds in the boundlessness of Seon meditation. Seonunsa Temple was first built in 577 A.D. by the monk Geumdan-seonsa of the Baekje Kingdom (18 B.C. to 660 A.D.). Seonunsa Temple would eventually fall into disrepair until it was restored by the monk Hyojeong-seonsa in 1354. Seonunsa Temple would be rebuilt again in 1474 by the monk Haengjo-seonsa. The temple would continue to expand until the Imjin War (1592-1598). Seonunsa Temple was completely destroyed by fire during the second invasion of the Imjin War. Finally in 1614, the temple was rebuilt through the efforts of then local governor of Mujang County, Seong Seok-jo. Over a five year period, Seonunsa Temple was restored to its former glory.

Seonunsa Temple, and the handful of hermitages that surround it, is home to six Korean Treasures, one Scenic Site, and two Natural Monuments.

The Templestay program at Seonunsa Temple, “Resting Deep in the Forest,” focuses on a tea ceremony, a temple tour, Buddhist ceremonies, and a hike to neighbouring Dosolam Hermitage.

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From the Gochang Intercity Bus Terminal, you can take a direct bus to Seonunsa Temple. The bus to Seonunsa Temple from the Gochang Intercity Bus Terminal leaves eight times a day. Also, you can catch a bus to Seonunsa Temple from Gwangju. All you need to do is board a bus from the U-Square Bus Terminal. This bus leaves four times a day.

Templestay Program

Seonunsa Temple offers one Templestay program at their temple. It’s entitled the “Resting Deep in the Forest.” It’s a one night, two day program. They offer two variations of the same program with the only difference being accommodations. Here’s their program:

A: Resting Deep in the Forest

15:00-16:00Arrival & Check-In
16:30-17:30Temple Tour
18:20-19:00Evening Buddhist Chant (optional attendance)
19:30-20:30Tea Ceremony with a Monk
20:30-22:00Free Time
04:20-05:00Early Morning Buddhist Ceremony (optional attendance)
05:00-06:00Free Time
07:00-10:30Hiking to Dosolam Hermitage

(This schedule is subject to change)

The facilities at Seonunsa Temple. (Picture courtesy of the Templestay website).
The facilities at Seonunsa Temple. (Picture courtesy of the Templestay website).

Temple Information

Address: 567, Samin-Ri, Asan-Myeon, Gochang-Gun, Jeollabuk-Do, Korea

Tel: 010-5231-1375



Resting Deep in the Forest Program (More than Two People) – adults – 60,000 won; students – 50,000 won; pre-schoolers – 30,000 won.

Resting Deep in the Forest Program (One Person) – adults – 80,000 won.

*The cancellation policy for Seonunsa Temple is as follows: 5 days in advance, you get a 100% refund; 4 days in advance, you get a 50% refund; 3 days in advance, you get a 10% refund; 1-2 days in advance, you get a 0% refund; and on the expected day of arrival, you also get a 0% refund. However, you can defer your reservation to another date just one time over the 3 months preceding your reservation. And any cancellation after 5 p.m. will be counted as the next day.


Reservations for the Resting Deep in the Forest Program (More than Two People)

Reservations for the Resting Deep in the Forest Program (One Person)

Beautiful nature that surrounds Seonunsa Temple.

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