Here is a list of some writing either by me or about me that appears in other publications like “The Korea Times” and the “Korea JoongAng Daily.” Click on the links below to read the original articles.

The Korea Times: Temple Adventures (since Aug., 2021)

1. Tongdo Temple: Home to the Buddha’s partial remains

2. The tale of love and dragon magic behind Buseok Temple’s creation

3. Bulguk Temple and the 2 lives of Kim Daeseong

4. Tiger’s significance in Korean Buddhism

5. Daewon Temple and the big blue dragon

6. The Beauty of Buddha’s Birthday in Korea

7. Pilgrimage to 3 temples for Buddha’s Birthday

8. Gyeongju’s Mount Nam holds many treasures

9. The Four Heavenly Kings of Korea’s Buddhist temples

10. Seoamjeong Temple presents vivid fall colors at Mt. Jiri

11. Mysterious legends surround Gwanchok Temple’s ‘Future Buddha’ statue

12. Jesus’ message at a Korean Buddhist temple

13. Looking for rabbits at Korean Buddhist temples

14. Haedong Yonggung Temple prospers on Busan’s coast

15. Stone lions at Hwaeom Temple

16. Buddha’s Birthday during Japanese occupation era

17. Rare close-up access to Seokguram Grotto

18. Rediscovered treasures on Gyeongju’s mystical Mount Nam

19. Beopju Temple should be at the top of anyone’s travel itinerary

20. No need to misunderstand Korean Buddhism’s manja symbol

21. 10 kings of Buddhism’s bureaucratic, hellish underworld

22. Don’t overlook Haein Temple’s hermitages

23. Visiting N. Korea’s Singye Temple

24. Poroe, the dragon that adorns temple bells

25. Appreciating Korea’s clay Buddha statues

26. Seokbul Temple is worth repeat visits

27. Tap Temple’s otherworldly scenery

28. Visiting Bongam Temple during Buddha’s Birthday holiday

29. Hidden layers of Seonam Temple

Korea JoongAng Daily

1. Temple blogger shares insights into Buddhism

Hap Magazine Korea

1. 5 Fascinating Temples You Need to Visit Before Leaving Korea