• Beomeosa,  Busan,  Video

    Video: Cheongryeonam Hermitage – 청련암 (Geumjeong-gu, Busan)

    Hello Again Everyone!! Located on the Beomeosa Temple grounds in northern Busan, Cheongryeonam Hermitage means “Blue Lotus Hermitage,” in English. Not only is the hermitage the home to the Buddhist martial art Seonmudo, but it’s also the home to the most elaborate outdoor shrine dedicated to Jijang-bosal (The Bodhisattva of the Afterlife). This bronze coloured statue dedicated by Jijang-bosal is surrounded by equally elaborate statues dedicated the Ten Kings of the Underworld and a collection of Bicheon (Flying Heavenly Deities) and a row of granite zodiac generals. It’s really something else to see. Any trip to Beomeosa Temple almost demands a visit to Cheongryeonam Hermitage. So take the time and…

  • Busan,  Video

    Video: Samgwangsa Temple – 삼광사 (Busanjin-gu, Busan)

    Hello Again Everyone!! Without a doubt, Samgwangsa Temple in Busan is the most colourful temple to visit in all of Korea during Buddha’s birthday. There are literally thousands of colourful paper lanterns and floats that take up residence in this centrally located temple in Busan. Belonging to the Cheontae-jong Order, Samgwangsa Temple was built in 1983. And it seems like every time I visit Samgwangsa Temple there’s a new building that’s popped up on the temple grounds. Things to look for at Samgwangsa Temple when you visit is the amazing main hall, the temple bell pavilion, and the thirty-three metre tall, nine story, stone pagoda with an outdoor stone shrine…

  • Gyeongsangnam-do,  Tongdosa,  Video

    Video: Seounam Hermitage – 서운암 (Yangsan, Gyeongsangnam-do)

    Hello Again Everyone!! Alongside Samyeongam Hermitage, Jajangam Hermitage, and Geukrakam Hermitage, Seounam Hermitage is another one of the beautiful hermitages that takes up residence on the Tongdosa Temple grounds. But unlike the three other hermitages, Seounam Hermitage has extensive grounds that a visitor can explore. During these explorations, you can come around a Koi pond, large clay soy pots, and even a fenced off enclosure for a collection of peacocks. The hermitage was first built in 1346. And inside the Janggyeong-gak, in the upper courtyard, you can find a collection of the Tripitaka Koreana that you can find at Haeinsa Temple. So follow me as we walk our way through…

  • Gyeongju,  Video

    Video: Bulguksa Temple – 불국사 (Gyeongju)

    Hello Again Everyone!! Bulguksa Temple in the ancient capital of Korea is located in the beautiful city of Gyeongju. It’s also probably Korea’s most internationally recognizable temple. First constructed 528 A.D., the name of the temple means “Buddha Land Temple,” in English. And in 1995, alongside the famous Seokguram Hermitage on Mt. Tohamsan, Bulguksa Temple was named a UNESCO World Heritage Site. There’s a lot to see and enjoy at Bulguksa Temple like the 6 National Treasures. So take your time and enjoy all that this amazing temple has to offer. So follow me as I travel through Korea’s most famous temple in the outdoor museum of the city of…

  • Gyeongsangnam-do,  Video

    Video: Cheonbulsa Temple – 천불사 (Yangsan, Gyeongsangnam-do)

    Hello Again Everyone!! Cheonbulsa Temple, which is located in eastern Yangsan, Gyeongsangnam-do, means “Heaven Buddha Temple,” in English. The temple was first built in 1974. Cheonbulsa Temple is home to one of the most amazing Gwaneum-jeon’s (The Bodhisattva of Compassion Hall) in all of Korea. As you walk up to the subterranean entrance that leads into the mountainside, you’ll pass by 33 statues of the 33 various incarnations of Gwanseeum-bosal. In addition to this shrine hall, there are numerous other shrine halls to be enjoyed at Cheonbulsa Temple like the Yongwang-dang, the main hall, the Yaksa-jeon, and the Samseong-gak shaman shrine hall. While a bit out of the way, Cheonbulsa…

  • Gyeongsangnam-do,  Tongdosa,  Video

    Video: Samyeongam Hermitage – 사명암 (Yangsan, Gyeongsangnam-do)

    Hello Again Everyone!! Another beautiful hermitage that’s located on the Tongdosa Temple grounds is the amazing Samyeongam Hermitage. A personal favourite of mine, Samyeongam Hermitage was named after the warrior monk, Samyeong-daesa (1544-1610). The hermitage was first constructed in 1573. With a beautiful, large Koi pond that’s spanned by a granite bridge, Samyeongam Hermitage is occupied with a large main hall, a Samseong-gak shaman shrine hall, and a Josa-jeon (Founders’ Hall) with a mural of Samyeong-daesa inside. The hermitage is especially beautiful during the spring months, when it seems like the entire grounds are in bloom. So follow me around a personal favourite of mine, as I tour around Samyeongam…

  • Gyeongsangnam-do,  Video

    Video: Ssangmireuksa Temple – 쌍미륵사 (Yangsan, Gyeongsangnam-do)

    Hello Again Everyone!! Formerly known as Seongbulsa Temple, Ssangmireuksa Temple, which means “Twin Future Buddha Temple,” in English, underwent a complete make-over in 2018. The once unassuming temple in the beautiful Baenaegol Valley is now boldly painted in gold from entrance to exit and everything in between. First greeted by the life-sized statues of the twelve zodiac generals, there are a handful of shrine halls spread throughout the temple grounds both in obvious and in the not so obvious cracks and crevices of where the temple takes up residence. So follow me as I guide you through this little known temple that sits in the valley next to a meandering…

  • Busan,  Video

    Video: Seokbulsa Temple – 석불사 (Buk-gu, Busan)

    Hello Again Everyone!! Seokbulsa Temple, which means “Stone Buddha Temple,” in English, was first established around 1930. Originally, the temple was known as Byeongpungam Hermitage, which means “Folding Screen Hermitage,” in English, for the rock formations on Mt. Geumjeongsan that almost appear to be folded in on themselves. The temple is filled with beautiful rock carvings of Gwanseeum-bosal (The Bodhisattva of Compassion), Birojana-bul (The Buddha of Cosmic Energy) and the Sacheonwang (The Four Heavenly Kings). So take at look at the remote Seokbulsa Temple that’s situated in and among the clouds of Busan.

  • Tongdosa,  Video

    Video: Tongdosa Temple – 통도사 (Yangsan, Gyeongsangnam-do)

    Hello Again Everyone!! So the new material on the new website will focus on vlogging. And the first of these vlogs is of Tongdosa Temple, which also just so happens to be my favourite temple in Korea. Tongdosa Temple, which means “Pass Through to Enlightenment Temple,” in English. The temple was first built in 646 A.D. to house the holy relics of Seokgamoni-bul (The Historical Buddha). Ever since then, the temple has continued to grow and grow. Currently, it’s the largest temple in Korea with twenty neighbouring hermitages spread throughout the vast temple grounds. There’s a lot for visitors to see with more than a dozen shrine halls that visitors…