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    Banya Yongseon-do – The Dragon Ship of Wisdom: 반야 용선도

    The Purpose of the Dragon Ship of Wisdom One of the more distinctive paintings that you’ll find at a Korean Buddhist temple is the Banya Yongseon-do, or “The Dragon Ship of Wisdom Mural” in English. In this painting, you’ll see a dragon-shaped boat with passengers on it and a pair of Bodhisattvas looking like they’re the captain of this symbolic ship. So what exactly is this painting meant to symbolize? How does it relate to Korean Buddhism? And who exactly are the two Bodhisattvas and passengers onboard this ship? The purpose of the Dragon Ship of Wisdom is to help ferry devotees of Buddhism across Samsara (the endless cycle of…

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    Video: The Dragon Ship of Wisdom – 반야용선도

    Hello Again Everyone!! In this all-new type of videos, we’ll be exploring the temple artwork that adorns Korean Buddhist temples. Specifically, we’ll be looking at masonry, paintings, architecture, bells, drums, and so much more! And the topic of this video, which can be seen from time to time around a temple or hermitage is called “The Dragon Ship of Wisdom,” in English, or the “반야용선도,” in Korean. This painting is highly symbolic in the Buddhist understanding of the after life. So sit back and enjoy the video, as I explain The Dragon Ship of Wisdom!