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    Yongwang-dang –The Dragon King Hall: 용왕당

    Introduction Another shaman deity that you can find inside a Samseong-gak Hall or a Yongwang-dang Hall is Yongwang, or “The Dragon King,” in English. Of the four shaman deities commonly found at a Korean Buddhist temple, Yongwang is usually the least common to find. Yongwang comes from Chinese Taoism with Hindu and shaman influences. Traditionally, Yongwang is the deity of lakes, rivers, ponds, waters, seas, stream, or pretty much anything to do with water. Yongwang-dang Design There’s a belief that there’s a world beneath the sea. And in this world, Yongwang rules in his Dragon Palace called “Yonggung,” in Korean. As a shaman deity at a Korean Buddhist temple, Yongwang…

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    Video: Yongwang: The Dragon King – 용왕

    Hello Again Everyone!! Of the four major shaman deities that you can find at a Korean Buddhist temple, which includes Sanshin (The Mountain Spirit), Chilseong (The Seven Stars), and Dokseong (The Lonely Saint), it’s probably Yongwang, the Dragon King, that’s least understood. Perhaps because he’s not as well represented as the other three, but Yongwang still has incredible significance both in Korean Buddhism and Korean shamanism. So enjoy the video and learn about the shaman deity that lives under the sea and provides security to the Korean peninsula. Enjoy!