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Templestay – Jogyesa Temple (Seoul)

Inside the Main Hall at Jogyesa Temple.

Introduction to Temple

Jogyesa Temple is located in Jong-no, Seoul. The name of Jogyesa Temple might sound familiar. It’s the headquarters to the largest Buddhist Order in Korea: the Jogye-jong Order. Jogyesa Temple has a bit of a unique history. The original building that took up residence at Jogyesa Temple was actually transferred from a temple named Gakhwangsa Temple in neighbouring Susong Park in 1938. Gakhwangsa Temple was first founded in 1395. This original structure no longer remains; but during Japanese Colonial Rule from 1910-1945, the temple would grow in importance in its resistance towards the Japanese efforts to suppress Korean Buddhism. It was in 1937 that the resistance movement was started and funding towards Korea’s first Buddhist mission began. At this time, the temple was renamed Taegosa Temple. Only after the Buddhist Purification Movement in 1954 did the temple change its name to its current name of Jogyesa Temple.

Jogyesa Temple provides one Templestay program. It’s the “Be a True Hero!” Recharging Templestay which focuses on Buddhist ceremonies, paper lotus flower making, and a temple tour. It has a diverse schedule that allows for people to experience different aspects of the temple and Korean Buddhism.

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There are three ways that you can get to Jogyesa Temple. The first is from Jonggak Subway Station, line #1. Go out exit #2 and go straight for 70 metres. You’ll need to cross the road and go straight for an additional 100 metres, where you’ll finally find Jogyesa Temple. The second way is by getting off at Anguk subway station, line #3. Go out exit #6 and go straight for 50 metres. You’ll then need to cross the street in front of Dongduk Gallery. The temple is an additional 50 metres past the gallery. The third way a visitor can get to Jogyesa Temple is by getting off at Gwanghwamun subway station, line #5. Take exit #3 and go straight for an additional 150 metres. The temple is between YTN Parking Tower and Hana Bank.

Templestay Program

The “Be a True Hero!” Recharging Templestay Program is a one night, two day program focusing on a temple tour, Buddhist arts and crafts, and Buddhist ceremonies. Here is their schedule:

14:40-15:10Introduction Session (learning about regulations, temple etiquette, etc)
15:10-16:00Temple Tour (attendance required)
16:10-16:50Making Lotus Paper Flowers (attendance voluntary)
17:55-18:20Evening Chanting (voluntary attendance)
18:20-19:00108 Prostrations (voluntary attendance)
04:20-05:00Dawn Chanting (voluntary attendance)
08:30-09:30Breakfast (07:30 on Sunday)

(The schedule may be subject to change)

Temple Information

Address: 55 Ujeongguk-ro, Jongno-gu, Seoul, South Korea

Tel: 02-768-8523



“Be a True Hero!” Recharging Templestay Program – all ages – 50,000 won.

The cancellation policy is as follows: 7 days before: 100% refund; 1-6 days before: 0% refund.


Reservations for the “Be a True Hero!” Recharging Templestay Program

A picture of Jogyesa Temple from October, 2004.

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