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    Seokguram Hermitage – 석굴암 (Gyeongju)

    Hermitage History Seokguram Hermitage on Mt. Tohamsan in Gyeongju houses the most famous statue in all of Korea. In English, Seokguram Hermitage means “Stone Cave Hermitage.” Not only is it a UNESCO World Heritage Site as of 1995 alongside Bulguksa Temple, it’s also National Treasure #24. The artificial cave at Seokguram Hermitage was first constructed by Kim Daeseong in 751 A.D. However, it wasn’t completed until after his death in 774 A.D. It’s believed, at least according to the Samguk Yusa (“Legends of the Three Kingdoms,” in English), that Bulguksa Temple at the base of Mt. Tohamsan was built for his parents in his current life and that Seokguram Hermitage…

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    Video: Seokguram Hermitage – 석굴암 (Gyeongju)

    Hello Again Everyone!! Alongside Bulguksa Temple, Seokguram Hermitage is the most internationally recognizable Buddhist site in Korea. And with Bulguksa Temple, Seokguram Hermitage was named a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Seokguram Hermitage was first built in 774 A.D. And the name of the temple means “Stone Cave Hermitage,” in English. The statue inside the grotto at Seokguram Hermitage is the most beautiful image of the Buddha, Seokgamoni-bul, in all of Korea and perhaps Asia. The statue is spell-binding just as soon as you step inside the stone grotto. So follow me, as we explore together, this amazing feat in both artistic and religious excellence in Gyeongju!