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    Sowonsa Temple – 소원사 (Gijang-gun, Busan)

    Temple History Sowonsa Temple is located in the eastern part of Busan in Gijang-gun. Specifically, Sowonsa Temple is located below the beautiful peak of Mt. Hambaksan (339 m). Sowonsa Temple was first founded during the 1980’s, and it was built upon the spot where the famed monk Wonhyo-daesa (617-686 A.D.) once purportedly prayed. The name of the temple, Sowonsa Temple, means “Wish Temple,” in English. Also, it’s claimed that if you pray at Sowonsa Temple, you’ll have one of your wishes come true. Temple Layout When you first approach Sowonsa Temple, your eyes will instantly be met by a world of colour and Buddhist iconography. First up are two rows…

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    Video: Sowonsa Temple – 소원사 (Gijang, Busan)

    Hello Again Everyone!! Sowonsa Temple, which is located in eastern part of Busan in Gijang. The temple was first built in 1950. The temple was purportedly built on the grounds where the famed monk, Wonhyo-daesa (617-686), once prayed. Sowonsa Temple means “Wish Temple,” in English. It’s definitely one of the more eccentric temples you’ll visit in Korea with a cluster of shrine halls, Koi ponds, and a large artificial pond to the rear of the grounds with a golden Gwanseeum-bosal (The Bodhisattva of Compassion) overlooking the water. So enjoy the video and enjoy this rather peculiar temple in the second largest city of Korea: Busan. Enjoy!