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Templestay – Myogaksa Temple (Seoul)

The Templestay Program at Myogaksa Temple in Seoul. (Picture Courtesy of the Templestay Website).

Introduction to Temple

Myogaksa Temple is located in downtown Seoul in Jongno-gu. And it’s situated at the base of Mt. Naksan, so you get a great view of the entire city of Seoul. Myogaksa Temple is a relatively newer temple. Myogaksa Temple was first established in 1930 by Taeheo. The reason that he built the temple where he did, and according to geomancy, was to put the city of Seoul at ease. The temple grounds themselves are rather small; however, the temple buildings are beautifully arranged both among themselves and with nature. The true highlight to this temple is the beautifully carved image of Gwanseeum-bosal (The Bodhisattva of Compassion).

Myogaksa Temple provides an afternoon Templestay program. This program, entitled Where is Your Mind?, focuses on a temple tour, meditation, and a tea ceremony. It’s a perfect blend of experiencing a Korean temple while also enjoying a bit of relaxation.


First, you’ll need to get to the Dongmyo Ap station on line 1 and 6. Go out exit #2 and turn left. Walk down the street for about 50 metres. From here, you’ll see a sign pointing you towards Myogaksa Temple. Look for the T-World store along the way. Turn left from here. Walk up the hill to the first intersection. Along the way, you’ll see a small supermarket. You’ll need to turn right at the intersection. Keep heading straight from here until you arrive at Myogaksa Temple.

Templestay Program

Myogaksa Temple provides just one Templestay program at their temple. It’s a two hour program entitled Where is Your Mind?, which focuses on relaxation and meditation. Here is their program:

14:00-14:40Orientation/Temple Tour
14:40-15:00Short Meditation
15:00-16:00Tea Ceremony

(The schedule may be subject to change)

The facilities at Myogaksa Temple in Seoul. (Picture courtesy of the Templestay website).
And more of the facilities at Myogaksa Temple. (Picture courtesy of the Templestay website).

Temple Information

Address: 31 Jong-no, 63 ga-gil, Jong-no-gu, Seoul, South Korea

Tel: 82-2-763-3109



Where is Your Mind? Program – adults – 20,000 won; students (up to 18 years old) – 15,000 won

*The cancellation policy is as follows: 2 days before: 50% refund; 1 day before: 0% refund.


Reservations for the Where is Your Mind? Program

Enjoying the Templestay program at Myogaksa Temple. (Picture courtesy of the Templestay website).

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